Consumer Goods


What do these diverse market segments have in common? They all require brand-centered packaging that communicates value, quality and upscale appeal to drive consumer sales. A new video camera may benefit from a substantial carton structure enhanced with multiple coatings to convey value.

A language software series may require a special magnetic closure as well as high-gloss coatings and embossing. A boutique candle collection may need a customized stock and cosmetic-caliber finishing. A yoga wheel needs a special carrying case, or a cross promotion with a beauty magazine and a department store requires a special carton, vacuum formed tray and someone to put it all together. Whatever the product or segment of the market, DISC takes a fresh view and creates a package to fit the goals of the product.

Entertainment Media

DISC has its roots in the entertainment industry and its sights on the evolving needs for the delivery of physical media. Our name evokes one of our first product lines – disc labels for 1970-80s era LPs (33-1/3 rpm long playing records) that we produced by the millions. This exciting, high-profile business has evolved, and so have we. In 2014 we introduced NEO®, a revolutionary new package that is quickly being embraced by the major film studios as the face of a new generation of DVD packaging. NEO's highly reflective outer surface is consistent with the look and feel of today's smart phone technology and is outfitted with hidden magnetic closures for an unobstructed visual experience (

Our award-winning packaging has graced retail shelves and personal libraries of fans in every media category – software, video games for all platforms, home video DVD and Blu-ray® releases, and music CDs and compilations. The DISC library contains standard templates for O-cards and other packaging for current optical disc formats, providing clients with the choices they need the moment they need them.