The DISC design group is a resource for inspiring ideas and award-winning packaging that benefit companies in every market we serve.  This talented team of structural package designers, graphic artists and packaging engineers understands the power of design to sell.  They work closely with your marketing and creative teams to brainstorm and develop the right packaging solutions for you.

Our holistic approach integrates several key criteria of good package design.  It reflects a balance of strong brand identity, perceived value, efficient costs, powerful performance, security safeguards, and environmental concerns.  We know how to translate this approach into proactive design, using the array of creative and manufacturing resources we have at our disposal.

To ensure that you get what you expect, our designers give you a preview.  We routinely produce accurate, production-quality prototypes and comps that you can examine and test drive before you ever commit to production.

At DISC, design comes F.I.R.S.T.


Your packaging must function well at all levels.  It must protect, promote and inform throughout its lifecycle.  Our job is to make that happen by meeting your objectives and turning the package into the proverbial “silent salesperson.”


The image of your brand is its most powerful asset.  Our designers see to it that your product is easily identified and has a dynamic shelf presence that sets it apart from your competition.


Our design team seeks out new resources and tools to create stunning design-centered packaging that is cost-effective.  From eco-friendly inks, coatings and substrates to new packaging embellishments, we start with the best to achieve the best for you.


We routinely transform standard tube and tray-style cartons and optical disc templates into clever structures that meet the size, shape and aesthetic requirements of your product.  And, we make sure that the package is strong enough to withstand any environmental or shipping demands.

Total Package Experience

We take a 360° view of each and every package that goes through our design process. It must reflect a total package experience, meeting your criteria for creativity, marketing savvy, production quality, and economies of scale.  Ultimately, the package must connect with the consumer and sell the brand.

It all starts with good package design.