E-commerce Packaging

E-commerce packaging is on the rise as online sales are exploding! Is your product's packaging ready for this brave new world?

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E-Commerce Case Study: Immunocologie

Much has been written about the decline of retail and the growth of online sales. Brand owners are now confronted with developing product packaging that provides a positive experience and connects with the consumer. According to a study by Dotcom Distribution, “40% of online shoppers say branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend a product to friends, and they are making these recommendations online for everyone to see. Fifty-four percent of those who shared online an image of a purchase did so to recommend it to family and friends.”

Remember, with online sales comes instant feedback from the post-purchase experience. Unboxing videos are multiplying, bloggers are working overtime, and consumers weigh in on describing first impressions of your product. Many studies show that the luxury goods consumer expects to see premium packaging that expresses the product’s virtues such as high-quality and exclusivity.

We are showcasing an e-commerce box produced for Immunocologie, a luxury skin care line that uses hard science in formulating its products. The challenge was to produce a shipping carton that was rigid enough to withstand transporting the online order, yet provide messaging that reflects the brand's essence and connects with the consumer.

The result is an e-flute carton with printed liner on 10pt. SBS with repeat messaging made with spot gloss UV. The words stand out against the monochromatic background with soft-touch coating that tantalizes tactile sensations.

Upon opening the box, the consumer is drawn in with a question:

What Will You Embrace?


Truth, Purity, Clarity, Vitality

Result: Brand message delivered







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