Mini-Flute Corrugated

Mini-Flute refers to the family of corrugate that uses small flutes (low profile), and a high number of flutes per inch (flute pitch) to produce a smooth surface. When a printed top-sheet is applied to single face, the result is a corrugated box with the look and feel of a folding carton. Typical mini-flute (micro-flute) profiles include B, E, F and N flutes.


Why mini-flute?

In the modern retail environment, the carton is the silent salesman attracting attention to your product. The addition of high-end graphics has converted the conventional brown-box into the primary product package. The traditional secondary or tertiary role of corrugated is now that of a messenger of quality inside. Mini-flute minimizes the washboard look of wider flute profiles and gives the appearance of a paper board folding carton. The structure of mini-flute is the same as conventional corrugated, except the flute height is lower and the external liner (top sheet) is printed. Additionally, the top sheet is usually printed on a 10 or 12 pt. stock, which provides a smooth external surface and excellent printability. There are top sheet alternatives including foil laminated paperboard, CCNB and variety other substrates.

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