Packaging Innovation

At DISC, Packaging Innovation is at the core of our business objectives.  As we look to the next generation of packaging solutions, we embrace the exciting challenges and opportunities on the horizon.  Emerging technologies, innovative manufacturing processes, and advancements in printing & packaging equipment will converge to change the face of packaging and fuel future growth.

This year, we have invested in innovative processes and package enhancements, like the two cited below, as well as new DNA-based security solutions.   We look forward to sharing more exciting developments in the near future.

In-Line Cold Foil Stamping

DISC is excited to be one of the first packaging companies to offer in-line cold foil stamping as an innovative alternative to hot foil stamping and foil board applications.  This value-added technology gives designers – yours and ours – a dynamic and versatile tool to take packaging graphics to a whole new level. The effect of overprinting translucent inks onto spot or overall silver foil is stunning. 

We have retrofitted the two front units of our 8-color Heidelberg press to accommodate in-line cold foil stamping.  As a result, we can print up to 6 ink colors or a combination of inks and coatings onto foil in a one-pass operation.  The foil, available in solid, patterned or holographic silver, can be embossed to provide even more graphic possibilities.

Other benefits of this innovative operation are numerous:  high performance, efficient manufacturing, cost-effectiveness (no expensive stamping dies!), shorter set-up times, and no need to inventory foil colors.  And, in addition, this technology is energy efficient and decidedly “green”-only 1500 watts of electricity are needed as compared with 22-25,000 watts for hot foil stamping equipment.

This new packaging innovation from DISC will greatly enhance the look of your brand.

Magnetic Closure

DISC’s new automated magnetic closure application system recently made a successful debut in the market.  This patent-pending innovation is a unique re-closable mechanism and a revolutionary alternative to the standard Velcro® hook-and-pile fastener or fugitive glue currently used to fasten packaging. 

The application process is a simple one in which magnets and related receptors are registered and embedded in the package at the point of closure, such as the flaps of a book-style carton.   Because it is simple and discreet, the magnet does not intrude on packaging art.  In addition, consumers can easily open and close the package as they browse at retail, without damaging the carton. 

It’s all done automatically.  The device, mounted to a conventional folder-gluer, replaces a 3-step hand application to apply the magnet, receptor and final gluing with an in-line one-step operation.  It is an affordable, reliable choice that accelerates the manufacturing process.

The new DISC automated magnetic closure has already been successfully incorporated in packaging for a software language series, and other companies are taking a serious look at it.