Special Packaging

Marketers of certain products, particularly in high-end Beauty, Consumer and Entertainment categories, demand complex Special Packaging Solutions that convey value, power, prestige, and excitement.  DISC excels in this area.  We are adept at creating custom-designed carriers, rigid box sets, set-up boxes, and unique structures that showcase our clients’ best work.

Special Packaging is an art form that has evolved over the years.  It began with dramatic packaging for music compilations and blockbuster movies and is now part of the sales strategy for a myriad of products in all markets.  Strong design focus, multiple components and materials, unique closures, and attention to detail are essential elements for success -- whether we are creating a unique setting for an expensive designer fragrance, a prestige brandy gift set or a multi-disc TV series or video game.


The components and materials needed for outstanding Special Packaging are often not the typical nuts & bolts you find on the shelf.  It takes time and experience to source the right ingredients to bring a unique concept to life.  The DISC Special Packaging team knows how and where to look.  We have strategic resources, both domestically and internationally, for a broad range of materials and embellishments – from metal hinges and closures, to thermoform inserts, to ribbons and bows.

Project Management

The key to a successfully executed Special Packaging Solution – delivered on time and on budget – is careful project management.  That’s why we tackle each one as a team – made up of designers and packaging engineers, account executives and CSRs, and experts in manufacturing, QA and purchasing. 

We keep you informed using our “Project Management Dashboard Report” that alerts you to critical dates and project requirements. Our objective is to make sure we meet your objectives in every way we can.