Innovation is a mixture of new technologies, novel application of conventional processes, or original designs to create extraordinary packaging. Our approach is to understand the customer’s aesthetic, functional, or budgetary criteria and invest in research, testing, and development to support these objectives that include the following examples.


We were one of the first to offer in-line cold foil as an alternative to hot foil stamping and laminated foil substrates. It’s stunning, cost-effective, efficient, faster, and a green alternative to hot foil stamping. The process uses a specially formulated adhesive applied with a printing plate to define where the foil adheres in solids or halftone dots. We overprint translucent inks onto foils ranging from silver to holographic patterns. The result is enhanced metallic colors in just one pass.


Our proprietary automatic closure application system made its mark in software packaging and is now expanding into other markets to become a viable alternative to standard closures like fugitive glue or Velcro® fasteners. The magnet and related receptor are registered, embedded, and glued at the point of closure in an automatic, one-step, inline process. It’s simple and discreet – never intruding on the package’s art and it makes a browsable package for consumers to open repeatedly without damaging the carton.

NEO® Blu-Ray Package

The NEO package is a dynamic, patented Blu-ray™ disc package that provides a visually stunning and sleek alternative to traditional special packaging. Designed for collector-level Blu-ray disc products, it answers the call for new, advanced, contemporary packaging for multi-disc film, video game, and music compilation releases. Its revolutionary lithographic material incorporates highly reflective substrates in a multi-layer composite – much more consistent with smartphone technology than traditional plastic disc cases – to produce packaging with an unprecedented finish.